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Bent fronts mdf

Bent MDF fronts in DOMPOL’s offer re the combination of traditional designs with the most modern milling and covering technologies. Fronts have been making with many different radiuses:
  • R-240;
  • R-432,
  • R-450,
  • R-464,
  • R-600,
  • R-795,
  • R-1000,
  • R-1197,
  • R-1552,
  • R-1799,
  • R-2070,
  • R-2225.
Producing bent fronts in mentioned radiuses is possible for most designs and foil decors, also these high gloss.

Przykładowe wykonania
All bent fronts are available in minimal quantity of 50 pieces from dimension and radius. Possible is also, after earlier arrangements, to order elements beyond the standard sizes and radius of benting.
For client’s request there is a possibility to make a mould of radius matching to purchaser’s individual needs.
Manufacturer of furniture bents fronts MDF.
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